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Foreign individuals or firms seeking to establish new ventures or facilities in Mexico benefit from our deep understanding of the country’s legal and business practices and knowledge of available business opportunities.

Our established, high-level relationships with Mexico’s public and private institutions can connect you or your organization to the appropriate governmental agencies, financing sources, potential partners and allies.

These relationships can pay a key role in ensuring a successful entry into the business and a sustained and profitable growth.

Our breadth and depth of experience uniquely positions us to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries that includes, among others:

  • Companies seeking to establish commercial operations for any type of product or service in Ensenada B.C. or other city of Mexico.
  • Real estate developers and investors seeking to develop tourism, housing, industrial and urban projects
  • Companies seeking to participate in Mexico’s high-potential business sectors, such as tourism, housing and production of goods for the export market
  • Foreigners seeking to live in Mexico.

Let us help you meet the challenges of today’s Mexico complex Legal and business environment.

Fernando Perez Madrigal is a graduate of the School of Law of the Autonomous University of Baja California. He continued his education at the Postgraduate Division of the School of Law of the Pan American University, with specialties in economic and corporate law, finance and international commercial law.

Mr. Perez Madrigal has taken Seminars in Mediation and Commercial Arbitration, Imparted by the School of Law of the Autonomous University of Baja California in coordination with the Center for the resolution of controversies Mexico-U.S. of the University of New Mexico. And in Judicial Procedures Imparted by the Institute of Specialization and Judicial Training of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Baja California. Also in the Operation of the Control System of Contentious Wallet, Imparted by the National Bank of Mexico. And being part of the XII Interamerican Conference of Commercial International Arbitration.

Has been professor for various Schools of Law in the field of Mexican Corporations and Foreign Investment, and also imparted conferences to chambers such the National Chamber of the Industry and the Transformation in Baja California.